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11 December 2007 @ 11:36 pm
it is quite a shame that i talk about guys so much...but what can i say lol...anywyas online trying to shop get some more cute clothes for sko! and im supposed to be doing my hwk i need to get two pages done by 12 am lol...then im gonna work out and then i will take a shower and den finish up..trying to c if i want to take laxative again...my tummy feels wierd..i feel wierd..

anyways my only forsure reader that i know of is my ex...which i know is giddy to see if im going to write about him or not lol...hmm...lol

anyways found some nice clothes hope i can get them by christmas..more cute tops for sko...now just gota find em..

hmm its funny this guy im talking to wants to i suppose date me...but he doesnt want to get married til 35-37 and wen he stated that he wanted to be more than friends i laughed because im looking for a husband!!! im not trying to date someone and it not possibly lead to marriage cuz then i would be wasting my time..and theirs because im not having sex til marriage...and while i can wait 5-10 years to have sex...i dont think they can !!! so im like hmmm yea...right...idk i want to look for some latino vatos...ugh..but enough about guys must focus on self..and become even more consumned with myself lol..,auahamauahamz*Evil laugh*
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