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11 December 2007 @ 09:31 am
This week is a good week!  
ok ok ...i know everyone has been wondering when i was going to post..and here it is lol my internet was tripping for awhile

well just got back from running and taking a shower !!! whoop whoop!! geting that fitness body!! gota be looking fine like always..to show everyone what they cant have !! lol

so we did our presentation last nite..it went good...everyone did good..everyone got an A praise God...well everything is going good so far...gotta paper due manana that i have not started on lol gotta remember to do it....Holy Spirit remind me ! plz :)...ok...so im stress free studying for my finals and taking care of myself...gota have everything done for sko right?? 3 more days of work and two more of sko...cant wait ...now in the morning i can go running and work out and then also go walking at nite! lets see im still single..yes! and what else ..oh sent off my ex family's christmas gifts...10 pounds worth of gifts in a super big box!!! i felt blessed cuz shipping and insurance plus delivery confirmation only cost 16.00...God blessed me! I thought that i was gonna have to pay 40-60 dollars!! well u never know they get crazy at the post office!!

trying to see if i should change my myspace layout and song again...even though i like the on i already have lol...hmmm...oh yes i get my skin peel on thursday...more and more flawless skin :) ooo tila tequila season finale come on tonight!! and my mother and her husband our taking us out to dinner at mr perry...fried fish? or the salad? lol..gonna do my makeup nice for work and sko so i can look nice for that too!

so not much to do for the rest of the week, other than to relax and study for finals....

I have come to realize i like "heavy set" guys...well thats what im more attracted to...cuz i was noticing it..and thats the body type im attracted to...idk maybe cuz my first bf was that ....but i love it!! como mi teddy bear or my body guard !!! lol dont hate. mommy and lizzy!! i love it . i love it. God bless
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